At TDG, we treat every development project we are building our dream home managing every aspect of development process. We work alongside our client(s) to surround the development with the best team possible for the project led by our seasoned development managers. Our team is constantly reviewing the financial requirements throughout the life of the development to ensure that the project can be delivered on time and under budget. As part of our process, we offer the following services:

Construction and Development Management

Construction and Development Management allows us to ensure the quality that we have begun through the early stages of the process is maintained throughout implementation. At TDG, we focus on controlling the 3 core development concepts which are time, cost and quality. We have adapted our methods to stay current with today’s technologies and ensure efficiency and quality in our final products.

Master Planning for Larger Developments

Master Planning for Larger Developments is what can transform a run of the mill development into an exciting vibrant destination for our clients’ end users. At TDG, we take a collaborative approach, engaging stakeholders and experts to create a sense of place that best suits our clients programs and needs. Our ability to master plan while managing our clients budget allows us to maximize the potential while minimizing our clients risk.

Permitting and Conceptual Design

Permitting and Conceptual Design has included developments of a wide range of sizes and programs. We have experience at the federal, state and local levels to take your project from the drafting board to shovels in the ground. At TDG your project is our project, we enjoy being at the forefront of the development and presenting the development to interested parties both positive and negative.

Site Selection and Acquisition

Site Selection and Acquisition is crucial when determining whether or not a site can be developed to meet your program. We utilize our vast experience in planning, design and financial investment to assist our clients in making the most important decision in development process.