The DeNunzio Group, LLC (“TDG”), was founded in 2005 by Dustin J. DeNunzio. Initially, the company was established to provide consulting services to Boston-based real estate developers. Early on, the focus of TDG shifted to the development and management of its own portfolio, and that of its partners.

Over its first decade in business, The DeNunzio Group worked on small residential and commercial projects in various cities throughout the United States. TDG has since expanded its development scope and narrowed its market presence.  Projects currently under construction, and projects in the development pipeline, are mostly mixed-use and larger in scope. TDG works with its hotel partner, Maine Course Hospitality Group, to identify nationally branded hotel concepts to anchor major developments.  Most of the hotels are affiliated with the Marriott or Hilton franchises, and will often incorporate residential rental units and retail spaces within the overall development.  TDG focuses on developments in the greater Boston market in Massachusetts and in the Clearwater / St. Petersburg market in Florida.

While TDG has consistently worked on traditional residential and commercial developments, it has always maintained a strong focus on the development of self-storage. Together with its partner, U-Stor Management, TDG is constantly analyzing potential locations to construct new, state-of-the-art self-storage facilities.

TDG prides itself on taking a very analytical approach to real estate acquisition and development.  The key to the success of any venture is understanding the risk involved and limiting that risk to the greatest extent possible.